DexPro™ is a proven method of dehydrating acid gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which has many advantages over currently available technologies.

What are some of the advantages of DexPro™ over currently available dehydration technologies?

Lower Capital Cost
• 30% of the installed cost of a glycol system at 1,000 ton/day (17.25 MMscfd) of CO2

Lower Operating Cost
• Very simple process with no heaters, filters, or rotating equipment to maintain

Very Small Physical Footprint
• Typically less than 10% of the weight and footprint of a glycol system

No Chemicals
• No chemicals required (except for hydrate inhibitor for start sequence)

No Emissions
• No chemicals to cause regeneration emissions, process carry overs, or spills

High turndown
• A 20 to 1 turndown is easily achievable

DexPro™ is an acid gas dehydration process that is fully integrated with the compressors for optimal water removal. Our team of engineers has designed acid gas injection and sequestration projects for almost twenty years. We have both the experience and the expertise to provide the dehydration solution for your operation.


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